Is MITA a recognised school? And the final degree?

Yes, it is. The foundation MITA is recognised by the Ministry of Education of university and Research (MIUR), that provided for its constitution with the Decree of the Premiership of 25/01/2008.
The final degree is also recognised in Europe as the ITS realise itineraries aimed for the achievement of the polytechnic school degrees, in order to answer the formative requirements spread on the national territory referring to the main technological areas of the country.
The ITS are foundations made up by schools, universities and enterprises to create an authentic integration among the education, the formation and the work. 16 regions, with the engagement of 110 polytechnic schools and professional institutes, more than 60 among provinces and municipalities, 200 enterprises, 67 among universities and research centres, 87 high formation buildings and other public and private subordinates, included the chambers of commerce, have contributed to the birth of ITS. Therefore, they will constitute partnership with the enterprises and they will develop a technological culture for young people and for busy adults; ITS will contribute to a new esteem of the brand “Made in Italy” and they will chip in relaunching of the apprenticeship. An educational path of this level is introduced, 37 years later the first organic attempt in training super specialists with the foundation of “special schools of technology” in 1973, for the first time in our country.


Who can access to MITA?

All the young people between the age of 18 and 25 years-old, graduated and owning good IT and English knowledge. The details to access the foundation will be expIained in the announcement which will be published soon.


Is the course at limited number?

Yes, it is. Only the 20 candidates, who will result the winners of the selection that will be achieved immediately the consecutive days to the date of the closure of the inscriptions, will access to the path. The limited number is a guarantee of quality towards the companies that will select later the students for the apprenticeship and to safeguard the students on the quality of the teaching.


Does the course have to be paid?

No, it does not. The first path ITS is entirely financed by the resources that are made available by MIUR and by Regione Toscana.