– to ensure, countinously, the offer from high technical institutes at the post-secondary level that respond to the question coming from the made in Italy area, with particular reference to the fashion one;

– to support measures for the innovation and technology transfer to small and medium-sized enterprises;

– to spread technical and scientifical culture and to promote the orientation for young people and their families to technical professions;

– to support the integration between education system, training and employment;

– to establish organic relationships with inter-professional funds for the continuous formation of workers;

– to deal with the professional reconversion of workers;

– to project and manage professional courses of high apprenticeship.

Foundation Governing Bodies


The functions of the articles 8,9,12,13 and 14 of the Regulations as well as the clause 1 and 3 of the art 7, are assigned to the president.
He avails himself of the skills of the General Manager who carries out his functions based on the articles 30 and 31 of the Regulations.
Moreover, he avails himself of the individual’s skills who are appointed in action and responsibility settings, who are identified to standards according to the article 12, clause 4 of the Regulations based on the article 44 clause 3.

General Director
The skills of the articles 30 and 31 of the Regulation are assigned to the General Director.
He manages the staff according to the aims defined by the president coherently by the direction given by the Scientific Technical Committee based on the responsibilities linked to the articles 18,22 of the Regulation, as a represented by his Coordinator set out in the article 19, of the Regulation itself.

Coordinator of the Scientific Technical Committee
The competences are reserved to the Coordinator of the Scientific Technical Committee set out in the article 19, representing the prerogatives assigned to the Scientific Technical Committee set out in the article 18 including its probably headings defined in the article 22.
Either the operations provided by the Agreement’s articulation are reserved to the Coordinator.

Administrative services
The administrative services perform functions assigned by the general Director, based on the aims that are pointed out by the President and the Coordinator of the Scientific Technical Committee, independently and subsequent responsibilities in relation to the achievement of the results.

Services assigned to the External Advisors
The external subjects, which are assigned specific tasks of consultation -individualized with fiduciary or on proclamation assignment – respond to the results in relation to the aims assigned by the President.